Margie grew up in Gross Point Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Bacteriology and Public Health.

Margie moved to Tulsa in 1974 and since that time, has worked with many Republican presidential and congressional candidates to bring about change and promote conservative values. Margie has always been committed to serving her community.

In 2018, Margie traveled to Washington D.C to educate Congress members about wireless radiation health effects.  Here is a letter from the CA Brain Tumor Association that she received thanking her for spreading the truth about wireless radiation exposure.

She has spearheaded three planks on Public Health for the Oklahoma State Republican Convention (Read the OK GOP Platform) and one plank for the Tulsa County Republican Party Platform 2020.


OK 2019 State Republican Platform

Page 3, #9 – We support the labeling of all wireless devices and systems including but not limited to Wi-Fi, cellular phones, smart meters, baby monitors, iPads, DECT phones, etc. to disclose the known health risks of RF microwave radiation and EMF radiation emissions including but not limited to cancer, heart disease, infertility, fetal damage and digital dementia.

Page 3 & 4, #10 – We support health and safety testing by independent scientist in relation to 5G millimeter microwave wireless radiation or deployment of 5G.

Page 11, #17 – We support the independent testing of radiation levels in all public schools with full disclosure of the proven hazards and impacts of radio frequency, electromagnetic, and microwave radiation upon children and youth (e.g.: mitochondrial and DNA damage and destruction).

Tulsa County Republican Party Platform 2020
Page 10, #10 – We demand stopping the 5G roll-out and its implementation immediately for the sake of safety, life and liberty of over 330 million USA citizens.

Page 10, #13 – We object to smart meters because of health factors and we wish to replace them with analog meters.

Experience Matters:

Margie served as the coordinator for The National Conference on HIV/AIDS with the assistance of the Reagan White House, spearheaded legislation for nationwide testing. She served as President of Tulsa Eagle Forum, a 1st Congressional District Committee Woman, a 2-time Oklahoma Republican Delegate to the national convention and has shown herself to be a leading advocate for literacy.

Margie Stands For

Margie is a songwriter and has written many Patriotic Songs.

As the Constitution is the God given Foundation of our nation, Margie composed a song in 1987 for the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution. It has been used for numerous patriotic events along with other music and poetry she has written to serve the Armed Forces at military bases around the world.

Margie is a registered ASCAP member whose songs & musical works were aired on Armed Forces Radio and has been recognized by the military for her music contributions. Her support of our armed forces through her artistic mediums of songs & poems is appreciated by so many of our families of men and women in uniform. Currently her song, “I Stand by My Country” is traveling with the “Through the Eyes” – Vietnam Museum.https://youtu.be/UFa0PzZJrAg

Margie’s music has aired on Armed Forces Radio Network, and soldiersradio.com.

It has been used in churches, Driller Stadium, Orlando Convention Center, and the Bob Hope Hollywood U.S.O., Blue Star Mothers Event, The Reagan Library, The Library of Congress and for other patriotic events.  

Commission on Bicentennial
Letter from Ronald Reagan

Margie is no stranger to Protecting and Educating our little ones.

Our Children are the most important gift from God. Margie has been involved in a literacy movement nationwide. Her Music the Anthem of Literacy “Reading” has been performed at numerous events from the Center for the Book at the Library of Congress to the children’s channels in airlines around the world.

Margie was recommended to the White House, Presidential Personell for a position at Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention by: Congressmen Hyde, Donnermeyer, Burton, Dornin, and Senators Nicols, Thurmond, and Helms.

A Celebration of Lifelong Learning Pg 1
A Celebration of Lifelong Learning Pg 2
International Recognition
Picture with Jim Inhofe
City State Newspaper Article
Response to Song

Margie has defended the nation against the threat of communism.

Margie served on President Reagan’s Central American Taskforce raising awareness of the Marxist movement in North America as well as Central and South America.
She was thanked by Pres. Reagan and Vice Pres. Bush for the commercial she wrote in support of funding the Freedom Fighters in Nicaragua and appearing as a guest on Contact America Radio to explain the crisis.

National Strategy - High Frontier
High Frontier Certificate
Central American Task Force
Margie stands for public health on both a local and a national level.

Margie has stood for excellence on the local and national level.
She has served on two former Tulsa AIDS Commissions under Mayor Crawford and Mayor Randel.

She Coordinated the National Conference on HIV/AIDS for the Reagan White House which resulted in achieving her goal of HIV testing, which is still used today worldwide

AIDS Conference Schedule Pg 1
AIDS Conference Schedule Pg 2
AIDS Conference / Bill
Margie Alfonso and Dan Burton
HIV Conference Letter
HIV Conference Letter
She is always interested in the health issues present in our modern world and how we can use technology to serve us, NOT enslave us. She has been working to expose and remove the 4 and 5 G cell towers that have been placed on school property and are causing serious cancers in children and teachers. She is not alone. The International Firefighters Union knew 3 G towers were deadly, see
Firefighters Fighting Cell Towers below.

Firefighters Fighting Cell Towers

To those who are observant and have seen that cell towers are now being placed directly next to, or on top of, fire houses and police stations (and schools), it would appear that firefighters and police (and children) are being targeted for destruction through radiation assault. It’s time to fight back.
Source Article: Firefighters Fighting Fires… and Now Cell Towers

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