“This is the most important election in our time. The difference between the two parties is clear. This applies to our national concerns as well as our local politics right here in Oklahoma. The policies of the left are counterproductive and Un-American!”
– Margie Alfonso

Vote Wisely in 2020

I am for: I am for:
Killing Babies Letting Babies Live
Defunding Police Supporting Police
Gun Control Gun Rights
Open Borders Border Control
Illegal Immigration Legal Immigration
Higher Taxes Tax Breaks
Weak Military Strong Military
Over-Regulations Small Businesses
Let Anyone Vote Voter ID
Welfare State Working Class
Lockdown State Working Economy
Big Government Small Government
More Control/Mandates Less Control/Mandates
Against Term Limits Favor Term Limits
Socialism Capitalism
Liberalism Conservativism
Communism Constitutional
Political Correctness Free Speech