Quality Choices for Education

Students and teachers should be in a safe environment and local school boards should have the responsibility to represent the people in their local communities for education standards. These should be transparent in their operations and be subject to scrutiny by the local communities they serve. 

Families should be allowed to use their education tax dollars for their choice of schooling. I oppose the imposition of federally mandated programs such as ” No Child Left Behind”, Race to the Top, Early Learning Guidelines, and Core Competencies. Curricula should include the basics; phonics-based reading, grammar, composition, mathematics, civics, world history, US constitution and bill of rights, US History, science, spelling, penmanship, geography, and free-market economics. We should encourage the teaching of art, music, foreign language, and sports/physical fitness.

State Budget

Policeman, Firemen and Teachers, are unsung heroes who do the most, and typically get paid the least for what they do. Their needs for operating successfully must be placed among our highest priorities as legislators, as what they do is not only necessary, but also indispensable for society at large. My platform addresses both their needs and wants, as it relates to those they serve, according to the budget allotted. I believe that I can provide Oklahoma House District 79 with the leadership needed to make this possible.

The state budget is the foundation of our quality of life, in as much as it determines what infrastructure, benefits, and measured standards our society can afford.

We need policymakers who will be of the highest moral character, informed & educated on the issues, in order to determine the appropriate spending to benefit the largest segment of the population. As Legislators, we must guard against corruption and ill-gotten gain, and although lobbying is inevitable in any political system, it should be strictly monitored, and safeguards & protections put in place to restrict its activities as much as possible.

Advocating for Children’s Health & Safety

Parents must maintain the right and responsibility to educate their children with strong moral guidelines, so they do not fall prey to sexual predators.

Regarding sexuality and sexual conduct, sexual abstinence is the only safe way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, and pregnancy. I support and encourage rigorous enforcement of all anti-pornography, obscenity and human trafficking laws, with an emphasis on prosecuting pedophiles.

Protecting The Pre-Born and Post-Born

I believe in the sanctity of life from conception through one’s natural life. I support a U.S. Constitutional Amendment protecting innocent human life of the unborn and the post- born. 

I support the teaching of abstinence outside of marriage and parental notification before a minor is given birth control information and/or contraceptives. This is not to keep children ignorant or vulnerable but to support parents in making sure that young people are in partnership with their parents about such issues. This is a family right not just a personal right. We must facilitate and promote abstinence as the first choice of birth control and adoption or support for young mothers whatever the choice. The bottom line is that we need to defund Planned Parenthood.

Health Care Consumer Advocate

I support the patient’s (family) doctor relationship and oppose nationalized medicine. I support full consumer access to safe foods, medications and alternative treatments including access to any and all information regarding such substances or treatments.

I support moratoriums on controversial chemicals and agents that were approved prior to current research findings of toxicity. This calls for a re-evaluation of our infrastructure and safety standards like water purity and safety. All new technologies deployed should be brought under reasonable scientific scrutiny before deployed to the public.

Transparency in Government

All state agencies should be made accountable for the maintenance of their records and accurate enforcement of rules, policies, and regulations.  Judges who act in violation of the United States or Oklahoma Constitution should be impeached and removed from office in a timely manner. 


I support eliminating taxation on retirement income and the state sales tax on groceries and medications. I also support legislation capping property valuation increases for seniors 65 plus.  I support eliminating Oklahoma State Income Tax similar to other successful states that have, like Florida and Texas.

Preserving Our 2nd Amendment Rights

I believe the Second Amendment is an individual right of the citizens of the United States to keep and bear arms, therefore I oppose any attempts, whether by law or regulation at any level of government, to restrict any citizen’s right to keep and bear arms (open or concealed), to restrict access to ammunition, or to record the purchase thereof.

Pro-Military & Veteran Affairs

I advocate maintaining a strong national defense, “Peace Through Strength”, with a combat-ready and capable force.

Our veterans and survivors deserve the best available health care. There is still much to be done and we need more organizations like the Coffee Bunker in Tulsa, where their mission is to support veterans and service members in their transition to civilian life. They deserve the best.

Sovereign Borders

I support President Trump’s plan to secure our borders against illegal immigrants and potential enemies of the United States including building a wall. 

State government social programs should be available only to citizens of the United States who are legal Oklahoma residents. I oppose illegal aliens being given the same privileges as both Oklahoma and U.S. citizens or legal immigrants, including entitlements such as Social Security, health care, education, earned income tax credit; and non-citizens having the right to vote.