Standing for Public Health

Margie from Michigan State University with a degree in Bacteriology and Public Health. She is always interested in the health issues present in our modern world and how we can use technology to serve us, NOT enslave us.

Margie served as the coordinator for The National Conference on HIV/AIDS with the assistance of the Reagan White House, spearheading legislation for nationwide testing.

In 2018, Margie traveled to Washington D.C to educate Congress members about wireless radiation health effects.  Here is a letter from the CA Brain Tumor Association that she received thanking her for spreading the truth about wireless radiation exposure.

She has spearheaded three planks on Public Health for the Oklahoma State Republican Convention (Read the OK GOP Platform) and one plank for the Tulsa County Republican Party Platform 2020. The highlighted planks on pages 3, 4, and 11 are the planks that Margie worked on to be included.

OK 2019 State Republican Platform:

Page 3, #9 – We support the labeling of all wireless devices and systems including but not limited to Wi-Fi, cellular phones, smart meters, baby monitors, iPads, DECT phones, etc. to disclose the known health risks of RF microwave radiation and EMF radiation emissions including but not limited to cancer, heart disease, infertility, fetal damage and digital dementia.

Page 3 & 4, #10 – We support health and safety testing by independent scientist in relation to 5G millimeter microwave wireless radiation or deployment of 5G.

Page 11, #17 -We support the independent testing of radiation levels in all public schools with full disclosure of the proven hazards and impacts of radio frequency, electromagnetic, and microwave radiation upon children and youth (e.g.: mitochondrial and DNA damage and destruction).

Tulsa County Republican Party Platform 2020:
Page 10, #10 – We demand stopping the 5G roll-out and its implementation immediately for the sake of safety, life and liberty of over 330 million USA citizens.

Page 10, #13 – We object to smart meters because of health factors and we wish to replace them with analog meters.