Standing for Education and Against Illiteracy

Margie has worked to combat the problem of illiteracy in our state and nation. Her song “Reading” has received national attention and garnished praise from numerous organizations like:

The National Right to Read Foundation
The Master’s College
Laubach Literacy Action
The Oklahoma Literacy Coalition
The U.S. Department of Education
The University of Oklahoma
Barnes & Noble

She has also received letters from First Ladies in response to her song and her efforts to combat illiteracy.
Read the first letter from Barbara Bush
Read the second letter from Barbara Bush


Reading. It’s an open door
to the things we never knew and could never see
It gives light to each subject brighter than all
the stars in the sky,
and the words to a song let us sing right along
to a sweet lullaby.

Reading. It’s the words to a prayer.
Tells us all about love, tells us all about life,
tells us somebody cares.
Reading helps us understand and to learn and
It’s exciting to read.
There is so much we’re needing to know.