Candidates Who Disavow ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter

An Open Letter to My Opponent…

TULSA, OK Oct. 20th , 2020 (PR News Wire) I’m Margie Alfonso and I’m the Republican candidate for Oklahoma House District 79. To be transparent to the voting public I want to provide the following.

We Must End Violence and Preserve our Constitution and Way of Life:

As patriotic Oklahomans we must unite and re-affirm that we are a Constitutional Republic that values, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Revolution, murder, and violence have no place in our democracy. In my research regarding my opponent Melissa Provenzano (D), I have NOT come across a condemnation of ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter. I am asking that Melissa Provenzano to join me in the unequivocal condemnation of the Domestic Terrorist Group ANTIFA and the Marxist political party “Black Lives Matter”.

I want to make it perfectly clear.

– I condemn the Domestic Terrorist Group ANTIFA:
President Trump has designated ANTIFA as a “Domestic Terrorist Group”. I condemn without reservation the illegal, hateful, un American, violent actions of ANTIFA. [Link to video clip(s)] Over the past five months this group decimated American Communities, threatened citizens, burned down businesses, caused millions of dollars of damage and the loss of innocent lives.

– I condemn the Marxist Political Group “Black Lives Matter”:
While I support peaceful protests, however I specifically condemn without reservation the self- admittedly Marxist political group “Black Lives Matter”, who’s own website [until very recently] boasted of its goals to destroy the nuclear family and praised Marxism, and the violence, destruction and death which this group has wrought across our nation [Link to video clip(s)].

My opponent Melissa Provenzano HAS NOT addressed these subjects:

– Has My opponent, Melissa Provenzano (D) Condemned ANTIFA?
My Democratic opponent has NOT directly and specifically condemned the illegal, hateful, unamerican and violent actions of the Domestic Terrorist Group, ANTIFA.

– Has My Democrat opponent, Melissa Provenzano (D) Condemned “BLM”?
I have also been unable to find one instance in which my Democratic opponent has directly and specifically condemned the illegal, hateful, unamerican and violent actions of the Marxist political group “Black Lives Matter”.

My hope is that Melissa Provenzano (D) will respond and condemn these organizations that have created such division in our country. Please join me in condemning publicly these organizations.