Margie’s 4 Planks

2019 – Plank 1

We support the labeling of all wireless devices and systems including but not limited to Wi-Fi, cellular phones, smart meters, baby monitors, iPads, DECT phones, etc. to disclose the known health risks of RF microwave radiation and EMF radiation emissions including but not limited to cancer, heart disease, infertility, fetal damage, and digital dementia.

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2019 – Plank 2

We support health and safety testing by independent scientist in relation to 5G millimeter microwave wireless radiation or deployment of 5G.

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2019 – Plank 3

We support the independent testing of radiation levels in all public schools with full disclosure of the proven hazards and impacts of radio frequency, electromagnetic, and microwave radiation upon children and youth (e.g.: mitochondrial and DNA damage and destruction).

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2020 – Plank 4

We demand stopping the 5G rollout and its implementation immediately for the sake of safety, life and liberty of over 330 million USA citizens. We object to smart meters because of health factors and we wish to replace them with analog meters.

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